We cover your whole Supply Chain

From the collection of your goods at your supplier up to the last mile delivery, we can cover your whole Supply Chain. Where ever your suppliers are based in Asia or America we can collect your goods with 20ft or 40ft containers, organize the seafreight, help you with setting up an entity so we can do the customs clearance on your behalve, do the transportation of your containers from Rotterdam port to our warehouse, store, assemble, lable or pack your products as per your specifications and finally do the orderpicking and the distribution of the last mile up to your clients.

Although the customer is completely central at Kolibri Logistics, we work with a clear philosophy when it comes to fulfillment. As an international distribution center we know logistics to the bones.

What does Kolibri Logistics stand for?

Kolibri  Logistics offers Supply Chain solutions in the field of fulfillment to all kind of companies, in Europe and internationally. Over time, we specialized in eCommerce fulfillment and in logistic operations for organic products. Our goal is to provide our services at an affordable price, while losing nothing in quality and flexibility. Deliver excellence at the lowest possible price. We also want to do our work as happy as possible. Logistics is something we breathe and eat. We always say; “we are at play in the field of logistics”. Our knowledge and our interest in logistic processes never stop. Especially with the possibilities of ICT nowadays, the solutions are always on hand.


We can also organise your sea- and or air freight for you. Including customs clearance. And ofcourse transport from the Rotterdam Harbour or Rotterdam/Amsterdam airport to our warehouse. We can handle 20 ft and 40 ft containers. LCL or FCL from any location in the world! We can manage your Supply Chain. Challenge us and ask for a free offer!

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We would like to show that outsourcing of your Supply Chain saves you a lot of time, money and energy . We want you, as our customer, to grow by letting you work on your core business. You can leave the logistics with a peace of mind to us. As we are a one-stop-logistic partner, we can cope your whole logistic process.

By working together, without losing the focus on the own core business, we go for maximum results. You can, without having to worry for the logistics, fully focus on your core business and the growth of your business. You save time and money which you can invest again in further growth of your business.

Core values

In order to manage the Supply Chains of our customers we work with Core Values;

Core Values Kolibri Logistiek


Core Business in Kolibri Logistics Supply Chain

Supply Chain is a fairly broad concept. Concretely Kolibri Logistics deals with:

Next to this we have experience in 3PL, Supply Chain. We also have to deal with the logistics of Health-care institutions and EU certified organic products. These products sometimes need specific treatments; we always adapt ourselves to our clients.

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Kolibri Logistiek is at play in the field of logistics. And we play at Champions League level! We cover your supply chain from collecting your products at location of production up to the last mile to your customers. Request a quote!