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Organic food distribution in Europe

Organic food export to Europe? If you are looking for organic food distribution in Europe you have a challenge. But don’t worry, we have you covered. We are at play in the field of logistics and we play at Chamipons League level! With regards to organic food distribution in Europe we have a long history…. Read more »

Distribution in Europe

Thinking of distributing your products in Europe? When your home market is saturated you might want to opt for distribution in Europe. Shipping containers with your products from Asia or from the US to Europe might be a solution to scale up your productivity. In fact al you need is a VAT nr. and a… Read more »

Warehousing in Europe

If you want to distribute your products in Europe, you are most likely looking for warehousing in Europe. One International Distribution Center from where you can ship all your products into Europe. But how do you find a warehouse in Europe that is suitable for your needs? What kind of requirements should you take into… Read more »

Anuga 2023

Visit of the Anuga 2023 fair in Cologne From Saturday 7th till Wednesday 11th of October was the Anuga 2023 open for companies in the food related business. Not only food producers were exhibiting there but also foodpackers, laboratories, retailers and of course some logistic providers that are specialised in food handling and distributing. We… Read more »

B2B and B2C distribution in Europe

B2B and B2C distribution by one and the same 3PL is rare. If you want to ship your products to retailers ánd to consumers in Europe than you need a 3PL that is capable to deliver to both channels. There are not much 3PL who are specialised in B2B and B2C distribution in Europe but… Read more »