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Webshop conversion, 3 tips to improve your webshop

Do you want to make your webshop more profitable? A webshop only wants one thing: customers. Therefore you need viewers (traffic) in order to make them customers. The statement “the viewers of today are the buyers (conversion) of tomorrow”, also applies to webshops. But how do you increase the traffic and conversion on your shop?… Read more »

How do you choose the most suitable webshop software?

Are you just about to start a webshop, or are you looking for a new, better functioning system? Then there is quite a lot going on. There are more and more possibilities when it comes to webshop software, so there is much to choose. Some names are for example Lightspeed (formerly SEOshop), Shopify, WooCommerce or… Read more »

Kolibri Logistiek teams up with WICS

Logistics service provider Kolibri Logistiek has teamed up with WICS. The company from Krimpen aan de Lek (close to Rotterdam) will soon be using the WICS Warehouse Management System. The current WMS no longer met the wishes and requirements of owner René Gouw. He went looking for a “better WMS” and found it at WICS…. Read more »

Outsourcing logistics: what are the advantages for webshop owners?

Outsourcing logistics When you have just started a webshop, you may still find it pleasant to carry out all the tasks yourself. From making your product to packing and shipping it: often it is still manageable. But what if it starts to get busier and all those logistical matters are becoming a millstone around your… Read more »

Webshop fulfillment: what is it and what will it bring you?

Webshop fulfillment simply means handling orders from webshops. You can see it as the whole logistic process, that starts when someone places an order in a webshop. We are talking about storage, inventory control, assembling products before shipping, labeling them and much more. From the preparation of the products to the actual shipment: outsourcing webshop… Read more »