Sell and distribute products online in the EU by registering your company

Are you the owner of a (small) online store or a (small) manufacturer of goods outside of the EU? Have you been thinking about selling your products inside the EU and are you looking for an international distribution center? Do you want to sell and distribute products online in the EU with as little hassle as possible, regarding logistic aspects of the process? As concluded in our recent article ‘Cross-border e-commerce and logistics’ it is very interesting to do so. Choosing the right partner can save you a lot of time and money. Kolibri Logistiek specializes in the core aspects of logistics. We offer assembly, distribution, inventory control, labeling, order picking, packaging, storage and webshop fulfillment. As an international distribution center we can bundle these services together with a focus on other EU countries.

What can Kolibri Logistiek do for you to sell and distribute products online in the EU?

Kolibri Logistiek can help you to:

  • Register your company at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, making you profit from all the benefits
  • Introduce your brand and sell your products online
  • Connect to our Warehouse Management System, providing real time insight in and control of your stock
  • Store your (organic) goods
  • Distribute your (organic) goods through Europe as an international distribution center
Storage: sell and distribute products online in the EU

One of our warehouse storage racks

Benefits of registering your company in the EU

By registering your company in the EU, you will obtain an Economic Operators Registration and Identification number (EORI). Read more information about the EORI here (information provided by the Dutch tax office). In addition, registering in the Netherlands will enable you to get an Article 23 permit. With that, you can make use of the reverse-charge mechanism on import. This will make it easier to determine your prices. Since you will become the importer, custom duties do not immediately have to be taken into account upon delivery. Moreover, you will not always have to take specific VAT rates into account. You can charge one fixed price and no unexpected costs will be added later. This way, your customers will not have to worry about extra costs upon delivery and will feel more stimulated to buy your products. Besides, registration in the EU in combination with using our international distribution center can also simplify and shorten the distribution process by local storage. More importantly, local storage results in much faster delivery.

How to register your company and sell and distribute products online in the EU

To be able to sell products in the EU, you will either need a tax representative (fiscal representative) or an own entity. A company that can incorporate an entity for you, that specializes in incorporating a Dutch LLC (in Dutch: B.V., besloten vennootschap) and therefore help you by going through that process is Firm24. As said, Kolibri Logistiek can also help you with this process, for example by arranging the communication. Several of our  customers are using this service with success: Bamboo Accents, CocoaSupply, Easycare, Pickleball and more. They now have registered their companies in the Netherlands and are selling and distributing throughout the EU. Furthermore, they use Kolibri Logistiek as their international distribution center.

Kolibri Logistiek as an international distribution center in the Netherlands

Kolibri Logistiek is located in the Netherlands and a very good choice for an international distribution center. Because of the geographic advances and the well-organized infrastructure we can quickly react to your needs. Our distribution center is very close to Rotterdam, enabling us to make use of all the benefits the Port of Rotterdam (the Gateway to Europe) provides us. For example, we can easily distribute your goods to the United Kingdom (UK), Germany and France.

Container unloading: sell and distribute products online in the EU

Unloading an international container


Kolibri Logistiek can take away the logistic hassles, but also can help you to complete your registration in the Netherlands. Besides, we can help you to sell your products online in the EU while complying with the local laws. Are you outside the EU searching for an international distribution center to sell and distribute products online in the EU? We are very happy to welcome you and talk about your needs. Contact us, do the saving check or request a quote!

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