Webshop conversion, 3 tips to improve your webshop

Do you want to make your webshop more profitable?

A webshop only wants one thing: customers. Therefore you need viewers (traffic) in order to make them customers. The statement “the viewers of today are the buyers (conversion) of tomorrow”, also applies to webshops. But how do you increase the traffic and conversion on your shop?

As a webshop owner you are constantly working on perfecting your online store. in fact you want webshop conversion. So you do your best for better photos and features. But do you also do your best for better texts or better service? Bad texts and especially incorrect spelling can be a real conversion killer. There is also a lot to gain with good service. So let’s take a closer look at a few:

      1. Welcome

A lot of webshops have “welcome to our webshop” on their homepage with large letters. Don’t do this, you won’t find it at a “bricks and stone” shop either, so why would you do it on the internet? In a real store you have to give a visitor the feeling that he/she is welcome. On your webshop that feeling is much more difficult to give but it is possible: give, for example every 10th visitor a gadget or a discount percentage. Very easy to do by placing a counter and of course it becomes all the more fun if you show the name of the visitor and his “won” prize. This way other visitors can see that it is real and that it is fun to visit your site. So he/she will feel very welcome and will immediately want to cash in his/her discount. This gives webshop conversion.

      2. Place order

Before a visitor has looked at a product properly, he/she often comes across the following sentence: “To place an order you must register first”. Don’t do this, people only come and have a look around to see what’s on your webshop and don’t want to fill in an annoying form first. If you still find it necessary, do it at the end of your ordering process and adjust the sentence. For example: “If you want to buy from us more often, it is useful if you register now, you only need to fill in your details once and can easily log in with a password next time”. You make it all the more beautiful if you also offer the visitor to view data from his/ her previous orders or from statuses of current orders (track and trace).


      3. Delivery

Offer your customer the choice to indicate when he/ she wants to receive his/ her order. People don’t always want to have their order within 24 hours, but at a certain day/time they are at home. And give them the opportunity to have their order delivered to an address where someone is definitely present: work, parents, neighbours. Always send a confirmation that the order has been received and that you are going to ship the order. Add the track and trace code so that the recipient can follow the status of his/ her shipment. This saves you a lot of phone calls with questions.

These are only 3 tips, do you know more? Please respond on this article!

Rene Gouw
Kolibri Logistiek

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