5 reasons to choose a 3PL

5 main rules to choose the right 3PL partner

Logistic market continues to grow up faster every year. In that context, companies and actors of the supply chain have to be more and more competitive and efficient to keep their market share and to attract new clients. One of the solutions to reach these goals is to work with a 3PL partner. 3PL stands for Third Party Logistics.The 3PL is a logistic services provider, who integrates the management of warehousing, transportation and various related services.

Kolibri Logistiek is a 3PL partner.  In order to be the most competitive in the market, we follow 5 main rules:


Containers docking at the inbound section. Products arrive in bulk at our warehouse we ship out partial loads or even parcels.

Facility location

1- The facility location: the location is crucial . We have to be close to major shipping, rail and trucking facilities. Thus we are close at Port of Rotterdam, which is a strategic place for an International Distribution Center to send your goods through Europe.


2- Be specialized: We are specialized in the fulfillment of e-commerce and also in the storage and distribution of organic products. In this way our facility is adapted to be efficient and able to maximize all the stages of the fulfillment.

Customer service

3- Customer service: We build a strong relationship with our customers. To reach it, we focus on an individual service, on hiring people who are comfortable with our client’s issues and we keep our staff for the long-term, so you have always the same contact person who is aware of you individual wishes.

Value Added Logistics

4- Offering multiple Value-Added services: We can differentiate ourselves by offering a variety of value-added services depending on our customers’ requirements. For instance postponement services from packaging to assembly, warehouse services like labelling or inventory or distribution services.


5- Get the technology right: We own the right tools to communicate and manage clients’ requests. Today most clients rarely come into our physical warehouse. Thus our WMS owns main criteria like affordable, robust, simple and flexible. This ideal system gives the complete control over all stages of the fulfillment cycle to client and logistic provider.

To summarize, we can see that the sector is highly competitive and to succeed we have to differentiate ourselves. These five components contribute to the achievement of our business: facility location, specialized niche, customer service, multiple value-added services and the right technology. Want to be also more competitive and efficient? Send an e-mail to [email protected] or ask a quote!

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