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On thursday 4th of july Kolibri Logistiek was invited to join a Powerconsult E-commerce at Syntens. 3 Knowledge suppliers in the field of E-commerce hold their pitches regarding  how to improve our presence on the internet. The website www.kolibrilogistiek.nl was checked but their were also general tips given.

Content writing

Content is King, is a phrase, that regulary comes back. The first specialist we spoke was Tekstschrijvers.nl from Rob Vullings and Arjan Degelink. They write content which is not only pleasant to read but which is also perfect to track by search engines. Within the field of E-commerce they focus on five elements;

  1. Finding in searchengines
  2. Structure
  3. Layout
  4. Content
  5. Text

On all the 5 points our website was judged. Their were some good, and a few minor points. And especially those last ones we are going to work out!!

Search engine marketing, Web analytics and Conversion Optimalisation

Secondly we spoke with Expand Online. Willem Blom and Steven Koopmans have specialised themselves in the field of E-commerce in Online marketing.

Expand Online presented a nice hand-out with :

  • First impression website
  • Generally finding on the internet
  • SEA findings and potential
  • SEO findings and potential
  • Tips

They also made a comparison of the externe SEO profile of Kolibri Logistic with some of our competitors, among which Docdata. Unfortunately they performed better (yet)…


In the end E-commerce is all about your website. Internetbureau RedKiwi is specialised in building websites.

The analysis that Victor Straatman from Redkiwi gave contained the following points.

  • Design
  • Call to actions
  • Searchengine friendly
  • Technics

All these points were worked out and in the end provided with advice and a number of Quick wins.


Prior to this Powerconsult we were thinking to lance a complete concept to potential clients. Kolibri Logistiek pretends to be a One-stop-shop in logistics, especially for webshop fulfillment. It should be nice if we can offer our clients also services on their E-commerce expressions. With these partners, each of which are Top of the bill in their field, this must work! From this moment we will offer our clients that we can also arrange content for them, building their website and manage their online marketing!

E-commerce Powerconsult bij Syntens
E-commerce Powerconsult bij Syntens

From left to right: Willem Blom (Expand Online) René Gouw (Kolibri Logistiek) Bas Bongers (Syntens) Arjan Degelink (Tekstschrijverss.nl) Ton Verspui (Mondial Movers)

under: Victor Straatman ( Redkiwi) Steven Koopmans ( Expand Online)

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