JOKJOR a new mobile device

JOKJOR shakes up the mobile branch

Last october JOKJOR introduced its new mobile creation; Champ. An entirely new mobile device that can be of great impact on the social media as we know it now.


Olav and Boudewijn both have a background in art and design. They met each other often at tradeshows and events and, increasingly started talking. There were ideas originated. And one of them, they have worked out now. A mobile device that you can carry under your arm and with which you can experience real social networks.

Champs birth was a fact. Olav and Boudewijn have joined forces in the firm JOKJOR. Their product, a designer stool, was named Champ, because the design is based on a champagne cork. The stool is the base, with a loose seat that you can put tight in the Champ. But if you remove the seat you can use the Champ as a table by replacing the seat with a table top. On top of the table top you can put coffee- or tea cups but you can use it as well outdoor and put, for instance, a vase with flowers on the Champ. You can also remove the seat or table top and use the Champ as a (wine)bottle cooler, or as storage space for toys or other things. And then you can close it again with the seat either the table top. In short, the Champ has many uses. Incidentally, on the website of JOKJOR are several (funny!) purposes mentioned you should not use the Champ for.


De Champ als krukje in een witte uitvoering met rode zitting.


De Champ als kaasplankje.

International Distribution Center

To distribute the Champs to retailers and consumers at home JOKJOR outsourced the fulfillment to Kolibri Logistiek. They organise the seafreight, the stripping of the containers, the storage in the warehouse,  the orderpicking and the distribution. Kolibri Logistiek acts as an International Distribution Center as the stools of JOKJOR are sold all over the world.


The unloading of the first 40ft container with JOKJOR stools


And then we come back to the starting point of Olav and Boudewijn; with the Champ you connect people. By using it as a stool you get closer to people, by using it as a table you connect people. The big advantage; you can bring it everywhere, use it indoor and outdoor.  In short, the ideal Mobile device!

Look for the entire color gamut of the Champ on the website of JOKJOR

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