Labeling as a marketing tool

Labeling underestimated communication medium

Much to often labeling of products comes at the bottom of the list. Even though you have with this the communication means to distinguish your products  from the crowd. To often the label is an underestimated communication medium. Even though labeling gives you the chance to present your product in a unique way.

A neat, tidy label, in the right colour(s) gives your product the certain magic. If we are talking about a product that is being sold in the supermarkets and/or drugstores,  than it has to stand out from a distance. The labeling itself has to be done perfectly, all the labels on exact the same hight on the products, no air bubbles under the labels, and certainly no foldings or wrinkles.


Before you even start with labeling, you have to realize that there should be some relevant and sometimes even legally required information on a label.


Labels for foodstuff

For instance for foodstuff there are European regulations determined that a label should at least show the following information;

  1. Quantity
    net quantity of a product.
  2. Designation
    must contain information about the fysical condition of the product. Powder, frozen, concentrated, smoked etc.
  3. List of ingrediënts
    All ingrediënts  in descending order of weight should be displayed.
  4. Sustainability
    The “use by” and “minimum best before” data indicates how long food stays fresh and safe to eat.
  5. Manufacturer / Importer
    The name and address must be clearly indicated on the packaging so contact can be made if  there may be complaints or questions.
  6. Biological
    The European logo “Organic Farming – EC Control System” may be used by those manufacturers thats meets the conditions.
  7. Genetically modified organisms (GMO’s)
    All substances with a certain GMO content in the list of ingredients must be listed as “genetically modified”.
  8. Origin
    Specifies the country or region of origin.
  9. Nutritional information
    Describes the energy value and nutrients (eg protein, fat, fiber, sodium, vitamins and minerals) of a food.
  10. Nutrition and health claims
    There are European rules to ensure that the health or nutritional values ​​on food packages
    are truthful and based on scientific facts.

But in addition you can very well put your commercial message to a label . And that message may vary from time to time. For the printer no problem and for the labeling no problem but …: Consumers will be surprised and interested to  ‘follow’ (speaking in social media terms) your labels to see what you have to say for interesting stuff . The packers of confectionery as chocolate sprinkles and cornflakes have understand that well.They publish parts of comic books or series of facts, puzzles etc. Children are more than happy to read this. (And parents as well). It can be just another additional incentive that the consumer will choose  for your product in that crowded shelf.


give your products that certain magic that they deserve!


By labeling your products consistently with the same dimensions and shapes,  at some point there will be any recognition by consumers. By a good use of color and layout  for your label your product will directly be catched in the eye of the consumers. And they will find your product from a distance without even having to read a letter.

Do not wait any longer and differentiate your products by labeling them properly!

Rene Gouw, Kolibri Logistiek

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