Netuba Turkey Trade Award

Netuba, our first contact with Turkey.

On March 22th i joined the Netuba (Netherlands-Turkey-Business-Association) Turkey Trade Award at the cityhall of Rotterdam. The event was hold to celebrate the 400 years of trade between Turkey and the Netherlands.

The ambassador of Turkey, Mr. H.E. Ugur Dogan speeched;

In 1612, Cornelis Haga arrived in Istanbul and presented his letters of credence at the sultan of the , at that time vast Ottoman empire. That was the start of a relationship focused on trade. Today, the Netherlands are one of the biggest foreign investors in the Turkey. Turkey itself wants to expand and for that they need investors but also young smart people with bright ideas.

Than the chairman of NETUBA Mr. Bert de Nooijer speeched;

The relationship between the Netherlands and Turkey is based on trust. Trust is important in the Netherland but even more important in Turkey. You have to know eachother before you can even start talking about business. Relationships and contacts are very, very important.

Than Robert Ruhl, from the ING bank speeched;

The economic situation in Turkey is good, better than most countries in Europe, including the Netherlands. Turkey is on place 18 on the worlds list when it comes to economic strength. The Netherlands are on place 17, close to eachother but it is likely that it will be the other way around in 2014. Turkey will take the lead from the Netherlands. Growth is especially expected in Farmacie, Automotive Industrie, Agricultural and Technology.

And here is where Kolibri Logistiek wants to come in, we do now healthcare logistics and we want to expand on that. We hope to make contacts here with companies that produce healthcare products and are looking for a logistic partner in the Netherlands. As growth is expected in Farmacie, this must be the moment to get in touch. We can offer:

All under the name of fulfillment. And that is what those companies are going to need. A logistic partner that can handle their whole logistic proces. A one-stop-shop partner.

After the speech of Robert Ruhl there was the Netherlands Turkey Trade Award which was won by Imtech shipping.

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