Faster and cheaper distribution of your webshop orders?

When new orders are placed on your webshop, do you enjoy it? Or do you rather think: how do I pack and distribute it all in time? Experience shows that owners of online shops often find themselves bogged down with unnecessary packaging and distribution of orders. Much more time you can spend on such marketing, product development, purchasing, or your website. Matters that really make money and ensure your growth.


Containers docking at the inbound section. Products arrive in bulk at our warehouse, we ship out partial loads or even parcels.

Kolibri Logistics can help! You the sales, we the work where you do not have the time or mood for. The opportunities? They are almost endless. Fill in the inquiry form and find out yourself!

Packing and distribution of parcels and pallets

Our warehouse is in the direct nearing of Rotterdam harbors, the Gateway to Europe! Through this strategic location we can perfectly act in Europe or internationally. Germany is in our backyard, France is just across the street and with sunny weather we can see England from the top of our roof!

Properly packing and distribution of orders from your website is vital. For your own reputation!

  • fast distribution increases customer satisfaction
  • a good way of packaging reduces the number of returns
  • the quality of the shop order processing will affect your image

At Kolibri Logistics, we understand that well. The packing and distribution of orders that come into your shop is our core business. We are there for small and large web shops, whether you sent 1 or 1,000 parcels a week.

Order distribution and monitoring

Besides sending orders and monitoring them, the Track & Trace of the shipping packages is also important. But what happens to the package? Kolibri Logistics provides a barcode on each package, so you can follow your orders via Track & Trace. So even after the distribution you retain complete control!

Assembly, packaging and distribution of photo panels

The advantages of Kolibri distribution for web shops

  • a fulfillment partner who thinks with you
  • experience in fulfillment and distribution of packages for webshops
  • use of Track and Trace
  • capabilities to keep time for things that are really important for your shop!

Besides packaging and distribution of your orders, you can also use Kolibri Logistics for:

Contact us without obligations, or fill this form in order to obtain a quote. We will gladly discuss with you to see what we can do for each other!

What customers are saying:

Liesbeth de Reiger, Cekabe:

“We make urns. Sensitive products with a significant emotional value. Damage or late delivery of an urn has therefore a considerable impact. That’s whyour urns are foamed in into the package for optimal protection. We find it important to work with one carrier that shows commitment and acts professional. In Kolibri logistics, we found such a partner. Meanwhile we spend several years in the transmission of this personal and reliable partner. “

Kolibri Logistiek is at play in the field of logistics. And we play at Champions League level! We cover your supply chain from collecting your products at location of production up to the last mile to your customers. Request a quote!