“We originally started talking to Kolibri back in 2017 after the UK’s decision to leave the EU. As a UK based business with 70% of our turnover not in the UK we were facing some big decisions about our future.

Four years later we now have a Dutch entity and ship from Kolibri. As a family business that likes to give its customers personal attention, its great to work with a partner that cares and also does detail. We looked at other e-commerce logistic partners but felt we would just be a number and assigned an account manager. After visiting Kolibri in Jan 2020 it was clear they were and are different.

After a month or so dealing with Rene and his team we have had no issues. They are professional, efficient and have not lost a sense of fun.”

A. DIXON – The Boot-bag Group


Do you know what’s in your warehouse?

Inventory control is a common problem, what you undoubtedly know as a webshop owner. Especially at high turnover speeds and a large number of  SKU’s (stock keeping units), you can easily lose the overview. The question ‘Do you know what’s in your warehouse ” has become a logical question that sometimes is hard to answer with a “yes”.

You may ask yourself:

  • Is that product that has been collected on site booked off?
  • Is the emergency order from last week removed from the stock?
  • Was the delivery of this morning correct and were the products added to the stock?
  • In the action week we gave away a product.That was not on the order lines but were those products booked off from the stock?

Inventory control as a speciality

When working internationally, inventory control becomes a must. How would you feel if you always have insight into reliable inventory data? How would you feel about the certainty that the given stock is right? The best part? This is possible!

One of the specialties of Kolibri Logistics is inventory. Besides that each mutation is maintained, periodic inventory counts are performed. With our Warehouse Management System we can connect with all webshop platforms. If your products are barcoded we can scan them. Benefit? You always have 100% correct insight into your current inventory!

How? The stock is double-checked with every order. First by the picker and then by the packer.In both cases, checks are made by scanners whether the product matches the description according to the order line. This is not just about the type of product, but also to the right number. With a 100% positive match, a final inventory adjustment will be made. And you will have allways insight at your client portal of our Warhouse Management System about your inventory and statusses of your orders.

Besides that, in products with a high turnover it is often desirable to know in time when the stock shrinks. Together with you we like to decide the so-called critical stock. When the critical stock has been reached, signals are given, so that new products can be ordered in time. Go and fill in the inquiry form and tell us your inventory wishes!

Inventory control

Counting and checking on serial nrs. of incoming goods.

Next to inventory control, Kolibri Logistiek offers Value Added Logistics such as:

So as you can see, we can handle the whole of your logistics process. Think of the advantages of a one-stop-shop logistic partner based on a strategic location in the direct nearing of Rotterdam, the Gateway to Europe!

Your Benefits:

We point out the benefits of outsourcing your inventory management at Kolibri Logistics:

  • you have real-time information from our WMS
  • the information is very reliable due to scanning
  • maximum reliability through precise processes
  • by notifications you do not have to worry about critical resources
  • through specialization Kolibri Logistics is affordable, efficient and accurate!

The final result? No more confusion about the stock.

Share your projects with us! Contact us now! Or ask for a quote and see how much you can save on logistics.

Kolibri Logistiek is at play in the field of logistics. And we play at Champions League level! We cover your supply chain from collecting your products at location of production up to the last mile to your customers. Request a quote!