Labeling – What customers are saying:

Stéphane Dufrenne from APSystems:
“APsystems has been working with Kolibri for a year now. They are taking care of our RMAs and small parcels shipments.
Kolibri team is extremely professional, dedicated and flexible. Their WMS portal is very handy and has been customized as per our specific needs. A very positive experience and cooperation overall.

Labeling of your  products 

As an International Distribution Center we label many products. From bar code labels to action labels. Kolibri Logistics also provides professional labels for your products. Do your products have to be labeled before the distribution? Often they do. Or labels need to be replaced. Think of a label in another language, another brand, another price etc. Kolibri Logistics can also keep labeling, a part of the fulfillment process, out off your hands!

We have often products in storage that have to be re-labeled and/or re-packed before they go to the final client. Sometimes an assembly process is needed and mostly order picking. In all of these cases labeling is an essential part of the logistics process.
Labeled products are found everywhere in our daily lives. Think of situations where you have private label / white label products to sell. By putting another label on the product you can give it a total different look. In fact, it is another product. If you operate internationally, you want different languages on the labels.  When products are sold from different online shops / sites you might want diversification by different labels.

Labeling offers many advantages:

  • it’s cheap
  • it’s easy
  • it is extremely flexible
  • it allows you to personalize products
  • when you work international you can easily adjust the language of the label
  • labeling is a great way for your campaign communication
  • it allows you to give the same product a different (channel dependent) look

Printing of Best Before Dates on packaging.

Your product becomes by labeling a chameleon. By the same basic look, you can reduce your production costs. Simultaneously you hold the greatest flexibility and control when it comes to your appearance. And there are more benefits.
Labeling also allows possibilities for campaign communication. Suppose you want to introduce another product. For example you can launch an action and make the new product with a new sticker or label on the product ordered.
Also re-labeling or reconditioning or replanishment belongs to the possibilities. An example: you have a load of products that are meant for the English market. And these products are labeled with prices in English pounds. Now you decide to sell a part of this load to the Belgian market. But then the label with the English price in pounds have to be replaced by a price label in Euro’s.


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