Orderpicking – What customers are saying:

Andras Tucsni from Youless:
“We have chosen for Kolibri Logistic for the  fulfillment of Youless products, because it is a flexible partner that meets our specific product requirements.  For instance; we want the packaging to be labeled differently according to the order; no problem for Kolibri. Kolibri thinks pro-active in solutions for logistic challenges. We also appreciate that communication lines are short and there is always quick response.
Next to that, starting with E-fulfillment at Kolibri Logistics was very easy.”

Orderpicking for webshops

You might be looking for an International Distribution Center. But one who can act as a real 3PL. With Value Added Logistics such as orderpicking. Kolibri Logistics is the one you need. Based in the direct nearing of Rotterdam, the Gateway to Europe!
Logistic operations often starts with storage of goods at a strategic logistic location. Directly followed by handlings such as order picking.

Orderpicking by the Professionals

Do you sell different products in your web shop? Then the odds are that you have to compile orders because multiple products are ordered per order. Depending on the number of products and their application, orderpicking can be an intensive task, which is quite a burden on your time and storage area!

In addition, orderpicking  is an activity that periodically returns. Because of your commitment (eg, delivery within 1 day) it can be difficult to skip the order picking “one more time “, even if it doesn’t suit you at that very moment: picking must be done in time.

  • you’d rather spend time on something else?
  • would you like to be the boss of your own agenda again?
  • would you like that orders are more efficiently collected?
  • would you trust a partner that can do this accurately and timely for you?

Stop orderpicking, source it out to Kolibri Logistics!  Fill in the inquiry form and tell us your logistic wishes!

Orderpicking tailored to your needs

Together with you Kolibri Logistics creates a customized procedure.Depending on what your orders look like, the throughput of products, the promises you give your customers about delivery times and the type of product we offer a customized solution.

Besides picking, you can have a complete package of Webshop Fulfillment Services. We not only put your orders together physically, but also pack and distribute it if desired. In addition, we can take inventory management out off your hands.

How does order picking for web shops work?

All picking activities we adjust to suit your situation and your needs. Your articles are grouped and stored encrypted to make order picking efficient. In the racks a ‘grab stock’ is created, again to ensure efficient order picking.

When an order comes in our WMS, the order picker will gather the items ordered using the picklist. Because this must be done very carefully, every order is double checked . First by the order picker who collects the order, then by the person who packs the order. If your products have a barcode then we can do it by scanning. So you are guaranteed of a minimum error rate and a reliable method of picking!


Small products in crates for easy orderpicking

 The advantages of Kolibri logistics for order picking:

  • relieve: you have the joy, we have your burden with regards to the shipping process
  • total partner; whether you have 1 or 1000 items in your catalog
  • at Kolibri Logistics you can start from one parcel a week up to 1000
  • Additional services: assembly, labeling, printing of cover letters, weighing, prefoaming of the package, sealing, packaging and distribution
  • each order is double checked: minimal errors, maximum precision!
  • packed in your branding, your logo and your company as the sender
  • with Track & Trace you always know where your package is at that time
  • We provide our services for all kind of products, and take good care of them

Contact us, or fill in the form and get a quote, and see how much you can save on you current logistic operation.