We are Commotion (Europe) BV, a subsidiary of Commotion Ltd which was founded in the UK in 1983. We design, manufacture and supply educational resources to re-sellers in the UK, Europe and the Rest of the World from our head office and warehouse in Tonbridge, Kent, England. As Brexit became a reality, we sought a European logistics partner and found Rene Gouw and his company Kolibri Logistiek.

We’ve been working with Kolibri Logistiek since 2020 now and they handle all our EU bound imports and European customers orders’ with dedication and professionalism. Kolibri, led by Rene, Conny, Edwin and his team, go out of their way to provide an excellent service and are pro-active in searching for solutions to issues as they crop up.

Kolibri have played a major role in establishing our European operations since Brexit and are an integral part of our current and future planning, servicing both our European trade partners and soon, our European web sales customers.

We are delighted to refer to Rene and Kolibri as partners in our endeavours and our relationship continues to grow and strengthen as each month passes.


The right packaging makes all the difference

Are your products vulnerable for damage? They often are. Packing products is an essential part of the logistics process. Not only to avoid damage, but also to give the product the right image.  Additionally, the packaging is the first impression a customer gets of your product.

The advantages of the right packaging:
  • can be recognizable image or very discreetly
  • protect your products from damage
  • communications carrier and the first impression
  • less damage, including less returns and therefore less cost!

This survey shows just how important and defining a package can be for your product. We are happy to help you here by advising on the correct solution. Please fill in the inquiry form and tell us your logistic wishes and we come back with a quote.

In addition, Kolibri Logistics has a number of Value Added Logistic operations;

So you see that next to packaging, Kolibri can handle your whole logistics process. And that from a strategic logistic location, in the direct nearing of Rotterdam, the Gateway to Europe!
The possibilities for packaging your products are virtually endless. Whether you want your products packaged in a box, plastic bag, or just an envelope sealbag: We can provide it!

Protective packaging

Vulnerable products needs a good protection. Nothing is more annoying than when damaged or destroyed parcels are delivered to your customer. This takes time, energy, money and frustration. The correct protective packaging is therefor essential. If your product arrives in one time right and undamaged at your client this will save significantly in the number of returns and in doing so also cost savings will immediately be realized.

Valuable or fragile products can thus for example be sent in an extra sturdy container. It is also possible to fill empty space with air cushions or fillers. In this way the product is firmly packed in the package and is protected from shaking.


For every product we have the right packaging.

When you provide very vulnerable products, it is even possible to foam them in  for maximum protection.

Save time, energy, cost and effort. Give yourself time to focus on what really matters. Outsource the fulfillment process from your webshop to Kolibri Logistics. Benefits?

  • You work with an International Distribution Center
  • specialist in webshop fulfillment
  • We are used to work with different kinds of products, like organic products or health care products
  • cost cutting: Kolibri Logistics works quickly, efficiently and is therefore extremely affordable
  • flexible: starting from one parcel per week, we take the work out off your hands
  • time: Keep your focus on your core business, so do we

Want to try us out? Contact us or request a quote!

Kolibri Logistiek is at play in the field of logistics. And we play at Champions League level! We cover your supply chain from collecting your products at location of production up to the last mile to your customers. Request a quote!

What customers say:

“My vulnerable products needs optimal protection. Experience shows that postal workers do not always pay attention to the mention ‘breakable’. Therefore, I went to Kolibri Logistics to talk about a solution. Kolibri Logistics advised me to use custom made packaging and to foam my products into that. Since we do that the number of returns and damaged products delivered have been reduced with more than 90%. “