“I wanted to send you a quick note to tell you what a strong partner Kolibri has become for us. As we continue to work with our US fulfillment center to improve accuracy and timeliness, it makes us realize that your commitment to serving us well in Europe has really paid off. Your team ships accurately, on time, and we never receive complaints on packaging anymore. You all do a great job. Thank you!”

Sam Glaser, EasyCare Inc.

Storage space as variable as your stock?

We are specialised in storage of goods. Kolibri Logistic is an International Distribution Center. And distribution always begins with storage.

Sometimes you might need 90 sqm for your web shop’s warehousing. After doing having a good sales period, you may need only 50 m² of storage space for your products. Does  your storage space adapt to that? And the rent?

Probably not. That’s why Kolibri Logistics thinks different. You only pay for the space you use.  So you can take advantage of flexible storage space and you do not pay for something you do not use. Makes sense, right? With a capacity of 12000m2 there is always space for your products.

That’s why storage of stock at Kolibri Logistics is:

  •  Clear
  •  Flexible
  •  Honest
  •  Logical
Storage of goods

Putaway of goods on location by certified reachtruck drivers

Time for flexibility in your storage space?

Also in need of a flexible, reliable and affordable partner for storage of your inventory or even the entire logistics process? Go to the inquiry form and get a quote!

Everyone has to cope with it: changing stocks. Usually this is not a regular cycle that you can anticipate on, but rather an erratic course of peaks and valleys. The permanent space is also rented or purchased based on the peaks. The maximum stock should be handled in this space and given the future growth rather a little bit more space. But is that space now fully utilized?  Or is the operational occupation still only 70, 60 or even 50%? And what about the associated personnel and equipment? Are these means efficiently used? Or do you pay for means you do not use? You pay your employees a number of hours a week, but are they really working that number of hours? Or are there also slow times when personnel has nothing or less to do? Costs are also going on in these times.


Prior to the storage of your products we can also organise your sea- and or air freight for you. Including customs clearance. And ofcourse transport from the Rotterdam Harbour or Rotterdam/Amsterdam airport to our warehouse. We can handle 20 ft an 40 ft containers. LCL or FCL from or to any location in the world.

Outsourcing your storage and related logistics can provide considerable cost savings. You may think of:

  • Assembly; making a product from parts, or adding a manual
  • Orderpicking; pick and pack of products
  • Labeling; let your products outstand by remarkable labels
  • Packaging; we buy packaging materials in large, that’s cheap for you
  • Distribution; who has a lot to distribute has less to pay
  • Inventory control; secure management system with critical levels
  • Webshopfulfillment; including financial fulfillment and customer service

Fill in the quote form to see how much you can save.


Advantages of flexible storage

  • puts people and resources as efficiently as possible
  • do not pay for more storage than you use
  • focus on your core business
  • Let Kolibri Logistics relieve you!

Kolibri Logistics is now certified by the European Union for the storage and distribution of organic products. As you can see, we adapt ourselves to our clients, and to the needs of their products!

Interested? Contact us, we will gladly give you an answer to any question.

Kolibri Logistiek is at play in the field of logistics. And we play at Champions League level! We cover your supply chain from collecting your products at location of production up to the last mile to your customers. Request a quote!