“We have been working with Kolibri for many years. They consistently go the extra mile and are always very accommodating to our needs, no matter how out of the ordinary the request may be. They are quick and friendly and I would highly recommend them.”

Lynae Morningstar – ITL Health B.V.


International Distribution Center in Europe

Are you looking for an International distribution center to deliver your goods within Europe? Kolibri Logistics covers your Supply Chain. From seafreight and customs clearance up to the last mile delivery of your products. With a distribution center near the Rotterdam Harbor, we’re strategically located. And with partners in content writing, website building and on-line marketing we can introduce your brand on-line in Europe!

Strategically located
Since years The Netherlands – and especially the Rotterdam Harbor, is seen as the ‘Gateway to Europe’. From our International Distribution Center your products can travel to their final destinations such as Germany, France, Austria, Poland, Italy etc. Especially when the volumes increases a significant cost reduction can be made by using a strategically situated International Distribution Center.

International Distribution Center

12 loadingdocks at the outbound section, 4 at the inbound section.

Advantages of using an International DC in Europe

The main advantages of using Kolibri Logistics as your International Distribution Center or Fulfillment partner:

  • Strategically located near Rotterdam in the Netherlands
  • Cost reduction on your storage and shipping costs
  • Faster distribution to your customers
  • Full service partner: handling, packaging, order picking, assembly are also possible
  • Smart inventory control prevents products being out of stock
  • Only pay for the storage space you use

As a 3PL specialist we can handle almost any kind of goods but we are specialized in the following fields;

  1. Health-care logistics
  2. Retail logistics
  3. Web shop fulfillment
  4. Logistics for organic products

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About the International Distribution Center in Europe

We are based in the direct nearing of Rotterdam, The Gateway to Europe, close to highways A12 and A20. So we have direct access to the harbors of Rotterdam. From here we can easily deliver to Germany, France, United Kingdom and the whole of Europe. Kolibri Logistics has the perfect location for your logistics into Europe. The international distribution center has 12000 m² storage capacity that can be extended to your needs. We can even offer you office space.

With regards to the United Kingdom, this means that we can provide an excellent location for your distribution throughout Europe when confronted with the Brexit. Read our articles (article 1, article 2) about the Brexit to see how we can help you to deal with this problem.


Many times it happens that a storage solution isn’t enough. That’s why Kolibri Logistiek offers you a wide range of fulfillment services. We can take over the whole process from the moment your products arrive in our International Distribution Center op to the last mile delivery to the final customer. We cover your Supply Chain. Also seafreight and customs clearance.

Please contact us if you would like to have further detailed information.

Kolibri Logistiek is at play in the field of logistics. And we play at Champions League level! We cover your supply chain from collecting your products at location of production up to the last mile to your customers. Request a quote!