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Outsourcing your distribution to a fulfillment centre

As customer demands, increased freight charges, and urbanization continue to pose challenges to last-mile delivery. Therefore outsourcing modern distribution and fulfilment centre has become a top priority for retail companies. Besides, the companies outsource the efficient distribution to enable them to have lower inventories costs.  also shorter customer order fulfilment, and lower transportation costs. All this to achieve a more cost-effective and enhanced level of customer service. As a result, DC’s (Distribution Centres) and fulfillment centre balance inventory costs against tight domestic transportation capacity, rising freight rates and volatile energy prices. Kolibri Logistiek comes as the solution to businesses by taking care of their order fulfillment from the stock taking up to the last mile. Because of this, Kolibri Logistiek can act as a one-stop-shop for logistics.

Specialist in organic food

Kolibri logistiek is one of the well-known international fulfillment centres in the Netherlands, located nearby Rotterdam and close to the highways and the rivers IJssel and Lek. The company has two branches, one in Krimpen a/d Lek and another one in Bergambacht. With these International Distibution centres it can efficiently deliver to Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the whole of Europe. The company works with more than 50 customers worldwide and focuses on B2B and B2C services. The fulfillment centres have a specialisation in food and holds the SKAL certificate for storing and distributing organic food.  In addition, as highlighted in the figure below, Kolibri Logistiek takes care of all your whole Supply Chain.  Seafreight, customs clearance and transport to the warehouses.  Once products arrived at the fulfillment centres, Kolibri Logistiek makes sure that goods are well stored, checked, sorted, packed, labelled and delivered to the final destination.

Fulfillment centre

Figure: Kolibri Logistiek processes


To ensure that we deliver the parcels on time, we have long-standing global relationships with international courier companies such as DHL (Deutsche Post), UPS, FedEx, and many more. Because we work closely with them we can deliver flexible, high-quality logistics solutions that meet our customer’s needs. In addition, Kolibri logistiek functions as a DHL city hub. This means it’s a place whereby DHL cars can  quickly be loaded and ready to deliver the last mile.


Fulfillment centre

DHL Electrical cars

a  Photo of DHL cars ready to load the parcels.


Would you like more information? Please visit our website: https://www.kolibrilogistiek.nl/ or direct call us on  0031 – 180 – 59 00 72

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Customer service at Kolibri Logistiek

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