Sea Freight Services and fulfillment in one hand?

7 Reasons to Choose Sea Freight Services

A surge in international trade, combined with increased exporting between countries, has resulted in higher demand for sea freight services. Did you know? Kolibri Logistics can organise your sea freight for you. With that in mind here are 7 reasons for choosing sea freight to transport your goods.


Exporters choose sea freight services as a means of transporting cargo for many different reasons. 7 of the key factors include:

  • Cost   

    1. First of all sea freight services are considered the cheapest option for transporting cargo, compared with alternative methods such as air, road or rail transfer. Low-costs mean that big businesses can ship large volumes with very little expense, while small exporters can use sea freight services to keep costs down.
    2. Especially relevant, shipping containers can be used for further transportation via road or rail without incurring huge additional costs.
  • Safety 

    1. According to recent industry statistics, transporting goods by sea is safer than shipping by road, rail or air. Theft and accident levels are lower when goods are transported by sea. In contrast, shipping by road, rail or air increases the chances of goods being intercepted by thieves or transport being involved in an accident.
  • Simplicity 

    1. Transferring heavy and bulky cargo by sea is arguably easier to do. Ports are equipped with the latest lifting gear and cargo vessels tend to carry bigger loads. So since shipping rates tend to be determined by the weight of the cargo and the travelling distance, sea freight services are a cost-effective option for exporters.
  • Customization Options

    1. For exporters looking to transport high value goods or products that require a specific environment, for example food stuffs, shipping containers can be customized. For transporting food items, containers can be refrigerated, while containers packed with high-value goods can be made extra secure.
  • Cargo Insurance 

    1. With more and more companies exporting, sea freight services now offer exporters the option to insure their cargo against a loss and damage. In the event that goods are lost or damaged in transit, shipping companies will handle all claims.
  • Cargo Tracking in Real Time

    1. Modern satellite systems, combined with other technological advances have improved transportation efficiency and security.
    2. A large number of sea freight services have incorporated the latest tracking software technologies, giving exporters peace of mind that their goods will reach their destination safely and on schedule. Exporters are now equipped to monitor the progress and movement of their goods in real time.
  • Practical Process  

  1. All it takes to arrange shipping is to find a reliable sea freight services company. They will handle all your cargo related requirements from packaging, organizing and loading, right up to pick-up and delivery to the final destination.
  2. Kolibri Logistics can organise your sea and/or air freight for you, including customs clearance. Additionally, we provide transportation services from Rotterdam Harbour or Rotterdam/Amsterdam airport to our warehouse facilities. We can handle 20ft and 40ft containers, less than container loads (LCL) or full container loads (FCL) from or to any location in the world.
Unloading of a sea freight container

Unloading of a sea freight container

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