Use a WMS and get rid of these excel files

Getting tired of all these mistakes in your excel files when it comes to your level of inventory? Because these mistakes can make you crazy, the use of a WMS can make you happy! Understandably, the order fulfillment process can bring many challenges for businesses. Such as the speed that retails has these days because customers have demands around the clock Therefore an accurate system thats monitors your stocklevel is evident. That is why many big or small companies that are handling order fulfillment on their own is too expensive and time-consuming. As such, Kolibri Logistiek, a so called 3PL plays an essential role in the supply chain, offering an all-in-one fulfillment solution—without killing your profit margins.


Outsourcing with Kolibri Logistiek allows you to focus on your core business. Moreover, at Kolibri Logistiek, we charge low rates and a minimal startup cost. Kolibri Logistiek takes care of your products and have enough space for the trucks that can bring in your containers on a daily basis. These containers can line up outside for unloading the products into our fulfillment centre.


To ensure that everything goes smoothly between Kolibri logistiek and our customers, we use  a WMS (Warehouse Management System). This WMS allows us to maintain good communication with our customers. In addition, the WMS software application helps control and manage the day-to-day operations in our distribution centre. Such as controlling the inventory received, optimizing the picking and shipping of orders, and inventory replenishment. The figure below illustrates the WMS process.





You might want to find data easy and accurate in a WMS. Due to scanning of your incoming and outgoing products the WMS shows an accurate level of inventory. Making it easy for you to react in time on low level of products. But you might also want to see the history of your orders. Or products, via a stocklog. Ask for a demo and we are happy to show you around in our WMS and tell you all about the functions there are in your client portal. We can connect with any kind of platform with API’s, so also yours!


Chantal Ferbarche 12.6.2021

Customer service at Kolibri Logistiek

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