UK Border Target Operating Model

Border Target Operating Model still in effect. The first of the 3 phases goes into effect on January 31st. The new Border Target Operating Model of the United Kingdom goes after a delay of 3 months of postponement still in effect. The first of the three phases will begin on Jan. 31, 2024. Here the… Read more »

Organic food distribution in Europe

Organic food export to Europe? If you are looking for organic food distribution in Europe you have a challenge. But don’t worry, we have you covered. We are at play in the field of logistics and we play at Chamipons League level! With regards to organic food distribution in Europe we have a long history…. Read more »

Distribution in Europe

Thinking of distributing your products in Europe? When your home market is saturated you might want to opt for distribution in Europe. Shipping containers with your products from Asia or from the US to Europe might be a solution to scale up your productivity. In fact al you need is a VAT nr. and a… Read more »

Inventory management and its challenges

Inventory management can sometimes take surprising turns. One of our clients recently expanded its assortment and thus its inventory management. It almost doubled in size. This meant that the warehouse had to be rearranged. We had stock from several customers in storage. These were close together and simply moving a few racks between them was… Read more »

Medica 2023

Kolibri Logistiek on the Medica 2023 exhibition From 13th up to 16th of November the Medica 2023 and Compamed were held in the Messe Düsseldorf in Germany. Medica and Compamed are international exhibitions for all relevant parties in the health industry world wide. So there are exhibitioners and visitors from all over the world, from… Read more »