Sell and distribute products online in the EU by registering your company

Are you the owner of a (small) online store or a (small) manufacturer of goods outside of the EU? Have you been thinking about selling your products inside the EU and are you looking for an international distribution center? Do you want to sell and distribute products online in the EU with as little hassle… Read more »

Sea Freight Services and fulfillment in one hand?

7 Reasons to Choose Sea Freight Services A surge in international trade, combined with increased exporting between countries, has resulted in higher demand for sea freight services. Did you know? Kolibri Logistics can organise your sea freight for you. With that in mind here are 7 reasons for choosing sea freight to transport your goods…. Read more »

Cross-border e-commerce and logistics

Cross-border e-commerce: new opportunities? Do you already sell across the border? Cross-border e-commerce is booming and very interesting to consider. Especially because DHL concluded that based on research it offers big opportunities for store owners. Those opportunities primarily lie in the growth of the international version. The report predicts that cross-border e-commerce will grow twice… Read more »

Container shipping

Value Added Logistics Container shipping is one of the Value Added Logistics services of Kolibri Logistiek.  For a lot of our clients we ship containers from all over the world to Rotterdam, The Gateway to Europe. We also organise the custom clearance and haulage to our warehouse for storage and fulfillment services. But shipping companies are facing… Read more »