Client in Organic-food wants a good Warehouse Management System

Slendier enters into cooperation with Kolibri Logistics Managing director and owner Erica Hughes of Slendier has chosen Kolibri Logistiek as logistics partner for the storage of the stock and the assembly/packing/processing of orders. A flawless Warehouse Management System was one requirement. She was looking for a one-stop-shop for their entire Supply Chain. René Gouw of… Read more »

Webshop conversion, 3 tips to improve your webshop

Do you want to make your webshop more profitable? A webshop only wants one thing: customers. Therefore you need viewers (traffic) in order to make them customers. The statement “the viewers of today are the buyers (conversion) of tomorrow”, also applies to webshops. But how do you increase the traffic and conversion on your shop?… Read more »

Cross docking: what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Perhaps you have already heard of cross docking: a process within logistics that is aimed at reducing the shipment sizes and shortening the lead times. In this article, we would like to explain more about what cross docking exactly means and what you will be dealing with. Cross docking means that the arrived goods are… Read more »

Netherlands Economic Mission to China

From 8 – 13 april 2018 Kolibri Logistiek joined a Trade Mission to China We joined this Trade Mission to China as we believe that we can help chinese companies to bring their products to the European market. As we are a one-stop-shop in the field of logistics we can handle the whole supply chain; Sea-,air- or… Read more »

Are you prepared for the Brexit and its consequences?

The Brexit is now definitive and is planned to be executed on 29 March 2019, shortly a year from now. As it is still unsure whether it will be a ‘soft’ or a ‘hard’ Brexit, it is difficult to make clear preparations for your company (unique in its own way). Should you continue your rental… Read more »