Use a WMS and get rid of these excel files Getting tired of all these mistakes in your excel files when it comes to your level of inventory? Because these mistakes can make you crazy, the use of a WMS can make you happy! Understandably, the order fulfillment process can bring many challenges for businesses…. Read more »

Fulfillment centre tailored to your needs

Outsourcing your distribution to a fulfillment centre As customer demands, increased freight charges, and urbanization continue to pose challenges to last-mile delivery. Therefore outsourcing modern distribution and fulfilment centre has become a top priority for retail companies. Besides, the companies outsource the efficient distribution to enable them to have lower inventories costs.  also shorter customer… Read more »

European supply chain negatively impacted by coronavirus

Supply chains negatively but also positively affected Virtually all European producers, wholesalers and retailers are experiencing a clear impact of the corona pandemic on their supply chains. For 78 percent of them, the impact is negative in the short term, but for 17 percent it is positive. Only 5 percent say they are not affected…. Read more »

Sustainable Packaging Industries opts for Kolibri Logistics

SPI chooses Kolibri Logistics as International Distribution Center Sustainable Packaging Industries designs and manufactures molded pulp packaging.  Allison Reed, president of SPI says, “Our mission is to provide environmentally friendly packaging solutions that meet our customers’ aesthetic, environmental and performance objectives. Our products are made from recycled cardboard and are 100% recyclable.” What Is Molded… Read more »

Client in Organic-food wants a good Warehouse Management System

Slendier enters into cooperation with Kolibri Logistics Managing director and owner Erica Hughes of Slendier has chosen Kolibri Logistiek as logistics partner for the storage of the stock and the assembly/packing/processing of orders. A flawless Warehouse Management System was one requirement. She was looking for a one-stop-shop for their entire Supply Chain. René Gouw of… Read more »