E-commerce, a world of knowledge

E-commerce, 1 word, more specialties On thursday 4th of july Kolibri Logistiek was invited to join a Powerconsult E-commerce at Syntens. 3 Knowledge suppliers in the field of E-commerce hold their pitches regarding  how to improve our presence on the internet. The website www.kolibrilogistiek.nl was checked but their were also general tips given. Content writing… Read more »

Labeling as a marketing tool

Labeling underestimated communication medium Much to often labeling of products comes at the bottom of the list. Even though you have with this the communication means to distinguish your products  from the crowd. To often the label is an underestimated communication medium. Even though labeling gives you the chance to present your product in a unique… Read more »

Order picking can make all the difference in logistics

Good order picking reduces the number of returns Nothing is as annoying as that your customer receives a wrong article or number as a result of false order picking. The client orders a certain article in a certain number and expects that the goods ordered will actually be delivered. It is not his concern that… Read more »

A secure payment method is crucial for a webshop

Internet shopping and the importance of a secure payment method Commercial developments on the Internet are expanding. More and more, better and faster online shops provide an unprecedented flight in digital business. There are plenty of opportunities but at the end of the ordering process it comes ultimately about the consumer confidence in the payment… Read more »

7 tips for Outsourcing Your Fulfillment

Most multichannel marketeers keep order fulfillment and customer service inhouse. But I see more and more companies turning to third-party providers, thus outsourcing fulfillment. Why? Many companies admit that their core business are marketing and merchandising, and not operations. So they want to focus on their core competences. Outsourcing of fulfillment activities is then an… Read more »