Logistics: storage and handling of pallets (video)

Logistics: storage and handling As a logistics service provider we offer ofcourse the possibility to store your goods in our warehousing for a short or a long term. It is, ofcourse,  important that goods are correctly stowed on pallets.  Not only for the transportation in advance of the storage but for the handling in our… Read more »

Healthcare logistics and reverse logistics

Healthcare logistics and reverse logistics. Facility Portal facilitates the purchase of Health seekers, abbreviated GCA, healthcare logistics is of course a part herein. GCA performs a medical function at the refugee centers in the Netherlands. All purchase orders are received by the Facility Portal that expands to the appropriate parties. Regularly there are closures and… Read more »

Netuba Turkey Trade Award

Netuba, our first contact with Turkey. On March 22th i joined the Netuba (Netherlands-Turkey-Business-Association) Turkey Trade Award at the cityhall of Rotterdam. The event was hold to celebrate the 400 years of trade between Turkey and the Netherlands. The ambassador of Turkey, Mr. H.E. Ugur Dogan speeched; In 1612, Cornelis Haga arrived in Istanbul and… Read more »

Parcel delivery (instruction video)

Parcel delivery, how to deal with it? This instruction video is for our new drivers to make clear ‘how you should NOT handle a parcel’. With a smile we want to make clear that a parcel that has been carefully packed should also be carefully delivered. The driver that delivers the parcel is the last… Read more »

Relabeling and sorting of textile (video)

Video At Kolibri Logistics we also have a service where we do the relabeling and sorting of textile.  As soon as this has been done, the load can be shipped. Watch the video for an impression: