Container shipping

Value Added Logistics Container shipping is one of the Value Added Logistics services of Kolibri Logistiek.  For a lot of our clients we ship containers from all over the world to Rotterdam, The Gateway to Europe. We also organise the custom clearance and haulage to our warehouse for storage and fulfillment services. But shipping companies are facing… Read more »

Organic food under the magnifying glass

Organic food products in the spotlight. Where in earlier days organic food products had an open sandal and goats woolen socks image, that has been turnaround now. If you have an organic product then you have a premium product! That the image of organic has turnaround so drasticly has multiple reasons; First of all people… Read more »

Rotterdam The Gateway to Europe vs. Hong Kong The Gateway to China

Strategische locaties Zoals Rotterdam The Gateway to Europe is, zo is Hong Kong The Gateway to China. Dit biedt kansen voor logistieke dienstverleners met een strategische vestiging in 1 of beide steden én die kunnen fungeren als een internationaal distributie centrum. Op donderdag 31 maart organiseerden de Hong Kong Kamer van Koophandel in Nederland, de Netherlands… Read more »

5 reasons to choose a 3PL

5 main rules to choose the right 3PL partner Logistic market continues to grow up faster every year. In that context, companies and actors of the supply chain have to be more and more competitive and efficient to keep their market share and to attract new clients. One of the solutions to reach these goals… Read more »

JOKJOR a new mobile device

JOKJOR shakes up the mobile branch Last october JOKJOR introduced its new mobile creation; Champ. An entirely new mobile device that can be of great impact on the social media as we know it now. Beginning Olav and Boudewijn both have a background in art and design. They met each other often at tradeshows and… Read more »