Organic food under the magnifying glass

Organic food products in the spotlight.

Where in earlier days organic food products had an open sandal and goats woolen socks image, that has been turnaround now. If you have an organic product then you have a premium product!

That the image of organic has turnaround so drasticly has multiple reasons; First of all people are done with the  foodscandalls by now. In particular the meat- and saucage industry have suffered from this. But also the rigid attitude of the big multinationals to add systematically to much salt or sugar in products is repugnant to a lot of people. There is coming more and more awareness lately that to much salt can lead to heart and vascular diseases. And that diabetes is caused by sugar has also gradually penetrated everyone. Then there is the new disc of 5, whereby everyone is rememberd to eat especially varied and healthy. In all these matters a lot of arrows point to organic food.


Organic logo

Now organic as a claim is also not a 100% warrantie on health. Precisely because of organic grown or farmed products, can mean that there might be a possible difference in colour and/or quality. But that quality is than secured by a certificate in which one can follow organic products in the whole supply chain. Only then you are allowed to put the logo of the green leave on your products as prove that it is organic.


Organic food

European logo for organic products.

That this certification is most severely experienced one of our customers lately. He already had an organic product and wanted to enlarge hiss assortment. The natural version would get a few brothers and sisters in which flavors were processed. Only, these flavors were not available in organic. They were naturally, but not organic. And on the fact of that ingredient, that contained less than 1% of the totall product there was no certificate granted. 

Rene’ Gouw

About the author; Rene’ Gouw is owner of  Kolibri Logistics and is specialised in fulfillment and distribution of organic products.


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