Logistics: storage and handling of pallets (video)

Logistics: storage and handling

As a logistics service provider we offer ofcourse the possibility to store your goods in our warehousing for a short or a long term.

It is, ofcourse,  important that goods are correctly stowed on pallets.  Not only for the transportation in advance of the storage but for the handling in our warehouse as well. When the stowage is not properly done you can have damage during transportation or handling because your goods fall of the pallet.

goed verpakt en klaar voor verzending

Badly loaded pallets means difficulties or damage during handling

A proffesional logistics servide provider like us will always try to avoid this by sealing the pallets after loading with stretch foil. By doing this your goods will be better protected, the pallets will be easier and faster to load or unload and thus we will save costs on the time of handling.

Look here for the inspiring video:

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