The benefits of outsourcing logistics

Looking for an International Distribution Center? Look not further. With a location in the direct nearing of Rotterdam, close to highways and rivers we can perfectly be your Gateway to Europe! Stay ahead of your competition and enjoy the benefits of a perfect Supply Chain.
We assume that you find the logistics business process probably one of the less pleasant processes. However, we don’t need to tell you how important it is for a webshop.

Logistics and distribution of parcels and pallets is a specialist job. To get full benefits of these matters it is wise to speak with someone who has knowledge about these matters. At Kolibri Logistics you will not only get a solid advice, you will also feel the commitment to let your logistic process work into details. We use our years of experience and share it with your so your logistics processes will run smoothly shortly from now!



Outsourcing of the logistics process has several advantages. These benefits go far beyond cost savings. Through the quote you get an idea of your potential savings. We list all the points of webshopfulfillment benefits for you:

Webshop fulfillment, the benefits

your benefits

We cover your Supply Chain, that’s your benefit!

By scaling and volumes you will have benefits in costs. But the advantages go even further than ‘only’  saving costs. Through years of experience, our list of disciplines has grown longer.  Our experienced team works with different kinds of products, like health care products or organic products. We adapt ourselves to you ! Another discipline that is often underestimated is reverse logistics. Products can be collected at your clients, sorted by us, and go in stock for further notice. All these disciplines together make Kolibri Logistic a one-stop-shop logistics partner. Want to maker our list of disciplines longer? Please fill in the inquiry form and tell us your logistic wishes!

Take advantage of these benefits, contact us now or go request a quote to learn about your potential savings!

Kolibri Logistiek is at play in the field of logistics. And we play at Champions League level! We cover your supply chain from collecting your products at location of production up to the last mile to your customers. Request a quote!