Distribution in Europe

Thinking of distributing your products in Europe?

When your home market is saturated you might want to opt for distribution in Europe. Shipping containers with your products from Asia or from the US to Europe might be a solution to scale up your productivity. In fact al you need is a VAT nr. and a 3PL that can cover your supply chain. And you are ready to go.

Set up an entity in Europe

If you are thinking about distribution in Europe you need to set up an entity. When shipping your goods to Europe you need to custom clear your goods and for that you need an European entity with a valid bank account.
Having a real address in Europe (preferably the Netherlands) gives also trust for your European clients. Especially as you have also a dutch bankaccount what makes it easy for Payment Service Providers to get your online sales rocking.

Need help with setting up an entity and eventually a real office space? Contact us.

Distribution in Europe

Connected to our warehouse we have office space available at “The Bridge”.


Hosting in Europe

If you are in the B2C business with online selling than it makes sense to host your European website also in Europe. It will speed up the loading time of your pages. Check this page for some of the best hosting companies.

Distribution in Europe

Most important is that you find a trustworthy 3PL, close to the harbour of Rotterdam, which is the Gateway for Europe. From there your 3PL can distribute your products all over Europe. Defind what you are looking for, B2C specialised in webshop fulfillment or B2B or maybe both? Maybe you are in the food business and need an organic certified 3PL?

Kolibri Logistiek is at play in the field of logistics. And we play at Champions League level! We cover your supply chain from collecting your products at location of production up to the last mile to your customers. Request a quote!

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