“Since early 2011, the fresh Thai herb pastes from onoff spices! are for sale in the Netherlands. In order to focus on the production of my products in Thailand, the development of the company and approaching off the market , I outsourced the fulfillment from step 1 to Kolibri Logistics. I need to rely on a trustworthy partner who takes care of the order picking, packing and shipping. Because I do not have to worry about the logistics, I can fully focus on selling. And now that begins to bear fruit. And that’s nice! “

Onno Stienen, Onoff spices!


Organic products stored by a certified partner

The market dedicated to organic prodocts is growing. In order to ensure the quality of organic products to the consumer, the organic food production is now strictly regulated. Therefore the word “organic” cannot be used at every opportunity and is legally restricted.

Since 1992, the European Union secures this market. And so products must tie in the EC 834/2007 and 889/2008 regulations. Each European country has its own control body. In the Netherlands, this control body is called SKAL. This organization operates since 1985 on the Dutch territory, and gives, or not, the right to use the word “organic” on a product.

As a result EU certified organic products can be recognized by the following logo:

Organic food

European logo to recognize organic products.

Organic certification from start to finish

In order for a product to obtain the EU organic certification, all operators involved in the production and the distribution of an organic product have to be certified. Farmers, growers, food processors, storage providers, importers (from non-eu countries), and even marketers of organic products needs to have the SKAL certificate.

Kolibri Logistics obtained the EU organic certification as a storage provider and distribution center in 2013. This means we can offer storage and distribution services to certified organic producers. As a result we have a lot of customers in organic food.  Next to storing organic food, we also provide fulfillment services. For instance:

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The organic certification brings value to a product. As a logistic partner, our task is to contribute to this. We attach a lot of importance to the good treatment of your products. The organic certification asks for rigor and preciseness, many things have to be registered: all inputs and outputs, the batch numbers, best before dates, receipt date, the condition of the product etc.



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Our organic clients:


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