Kolibri Logistiek teams up with WICS

verzenden van pakketten en pallets

Logistics service provider Kolibri Logistiek has teamed up with WICS. The company from Krimpen aan de Lek (close to Rotterdam) will soon be using the WICS Warehouse Management System. The current WMS no longer met the wishes and requirements of owner René Gouw. He went looking for a “better WMS” and found it at WICS.

Fulfillment and Parcel distribution

Kolibri Logistiek is specialized in fine-grained distribution and fulfillment. For example, DHL distributes their parcels in the Krimpenerwaard and Capelle a/d IJssel regions. Besides, it also provides pallet distribution to business addresses. When it comes to fulfillment, Kolibri Logistiek offers a wide range of activities such as storage, assembly, labeling, packaging, order picking and shipping. In addition to the distribution activities for DHL, about 150 B2C and B2B orders are processed daily.

With WICS, we want to achieve efficiency in the operational field, but also in the administrative area.

Sea and air freight

Incoming goods arrive throughout the week. At Kolibri this varies from boxes to pallets and sometimes even (20 ft and 40 ft) containers, because the company from Krimpen aan de Lek also provides sea and air freight for a number of customers.

Some photos of the warehouse, which has recently been extended: “We now have taken 2 additional halls into use.

Specialist within food branch

Since the start of the company, it carries out activities within the industry of food and food supplements. Today Kolibri Logistics works for Ekopura, SuperfoodShop, Queen of Tahini and onoff spices!. Within this sector, the company also has a specialization: “We have the SKAL certificate for the storage and distribution of organic products.”

The search for a “better WMS”

Mid-2015, the first contacts between WICS and Kolibri Logistics arose: “In the past we have already shown interest in WICS, at that time for a light version (WELPP, ed.). That did not go through at the time and we opted for another WMS at the time, but we did take a look at the Enterprise version. That stayed in our heads.” At the beginning of 2017, Gouw contacted WICS again: “Because we offer services in food, batch numbers and THT data are important items. Our current WMS could not handle that. In addition, we also wanted to extract data from the WMS more easily for reporting and invoicing.”

To achieve the SKAL certificate, strict controls are carried out continuously.

After a good conversation in Krimpen aan de Lek with the commercial manager at WICS Astrid Rotsteeg and consultant Nicoline Vreezen, the agreement was completed in no time. Gouw wants to start in a short term: “With WICS, we want to achieve efficiency gains: on the operational level (on the work floor), but also in the administrative area.”

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