Kolibri Logistics’ mission versus your supply chain in Europe

 Our dream

Pure passion for the business. That’s where Kolibri Logistics rose from. Turning your hobby into your job is unattainable for many people, but owner René Gouw decided to go for it. His dream was, and still is, to take time and effort out of the hands of companies through shipping and logistics.  Covering the whole Supply Chain in Europe for companies outside Europe. Perseverance and an undeniably high degree of talent and passion for the business allowed René to make his dream come true.

Our past

In the late 20th century, the parcel distribution market was still in its infancy. Packages were only delivered by complete trucks to the post office, where you then had to pick it up yourself. As a result, delivery of an order often took a week or longer. René Gouw felt that this could be done faster and therefore founded Kolibri Logistics in 1999. We started as a warehouse for the company Selektvracht (now DHL) to which not much later the sorting and delivery of its packages was added. This brought in more and more customers with smaller orders. Operations also expanded to include mail distribution for Selektmail. René was given more and more room to hire employees and in a few years the team had expanded considerably. Kolibri Logistiek soon had three branches spread across the green heart of the Netherlands: Krimpen a.d. IJssel, Gouda and Zevenhuizen. After the 2008 crisis, René decided to reduce the number of branches and bring all activities under one roof in Krimpen a/d Lek, so that the company could survive. Now we are climbing back up to a position stronger than ever! We now cover the Supply Chain in Europe for many companies in a warehouse of 12.000m2 in Waddinxveen.

Our identity

Like a hummingbird, Kolibri Logistiek is fast, flexible, small and precise. Small but fine admittedly. Because we are not an impersonal billion-dollar company, we can take the time to build a relationship with the customer. We also take the time to thoroughly check everything that comes in and goes out and together come up with a solution to make the entire logistics process run smoothly.

Our secret

Entrepreneurs still often see logistics as a “It-has-to-be” part. Kolibri Logistics knows this and helps companies do just that! Because the employees of Kolibri Logistiek find the logistics sector really fun work, they can put the passion into it that you would rather put into your business. The strength of the company lies in a combination of a good relationship with the customer, a heart for personal contact and a remarkable eye for detail.

Our location

Kolibri Logistiek today can be found in Waddinxveen. Under the smoke of Rotterdam, The Gateway to Europe, we have a warehouse of 12.000m2 where we cover the whole Supply Chain in Europe for companies in- and outside Europe. Here we are working every day to contribute to your goals. Through a combination of a large working space and the right resources, we are able to get the best out of ourselves and fully commit to you. We can collect goods at the place of production, wether that is in Asia or America, organise the seafreigt with containers, organise the customs clearance in the Port or Rotterdam, organise the transportation of the containers to our warehouse, and from our warehouse in Waddinxveen we can handle your Supply Chain in Europe. Up to the so called ‘Last mile delivery’ to your B2B ánd B2C clients.

Supply Chain in Europe

Our location in Waddinxveen

Our service

“Unburdening” is a word that exists nowhere else than at Kolibri Logistics. It stands for taking work off your hands so that our loyal customers can focus on what is important to them. That way, you can sleep peacefully at night and we can do what we love most. Taking care of your Supply Chain in Europe!

You can turn to Kolibri Logistics for a wide range of fulfillment services, think of:

Order picking
Storage and inventory

Our competence

Kolibri Logistics’ employees have years of experience in logistics and everything related to fine-mesh distribution. In addition, Kolibri Logistics is SKAL certified. This means that your organic products are in good hands with us. With food products we have to deal with THT data and batch numbers, all of which we can process in our Warehouse Management System. This allows you to select the correct batch when creating your orders. With electronic equipment we can also work with serial numbers.

Our vision of the future

The dream with which René founded the company is still pursued at Kolibri Logistics. We hope to continue to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams and express our passion for the profession. Therefore we strive to assist as many companies as possible and therefore hope to expand internationally. To make our dream come true, we will work hard without ever losing our personal touch. And that’s what we promise.

Supply Chain in Europe

We can cover your whole Supply Chain in Europe. From collection of your goods on the place of production up to the Last Mile delivery!

Kolibri Logistiek is at play in the field of logistics. And we play at Champions League level! We cover your supply chain from collecting your products at location of production up to the last mile to your customers. Request a quote!


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