Import from Asia via Air- or Seafreight

Not only do people increasingly travel to Asian countries, imports from Asia continue to increase as well. Clothing, electronics, spices and many other products are being imported to Europe. Most of the times first via Rotterdam in the Netherlands which is also known as the Gateway to Europe. Do you also want to have products transported, from an Asian country to Europe? Then Kolibri Logistics can be your partner for the transport and everything that comes with it. Whether you would like to do this via air freight or sea freight, we can play a major role in this. We can also arrange matters such as customs clearance and on-carriage for you. In short, we can relieve you of all your logistical worries, while you are always dealing with one permanent partner. That is what we call a one-stop-shop for logistics!Kolibri Logistics makes importing from Asia easier, cheaper and less time-consuming for you. This allows you to focus on your core business. We would like to explain for you what we can do in the field of air freight and sea freight.

Import from Asia via airfreight

Getting products from Asia to Europe and then having them stored in our warehouse, or transported directly to you? This is perfectly possible if you choose Kolibri Logistics, which is happy to help you realize the air freight. We always put the customer first and make sure that you can always see where your products are at that moment. With knowledge of the local market and regulations, a lot of transport experience and our personal service you don’t really have to arrange anything yourself. We also provide advice on possible (additional) insurances, so you won’t face any surprises.

Import from Asia by sea freight

At Kolibri Logistics we always look for the most efficient and economical route so that you do not pay unnecessarily for transport. With our location close to the Port of Rotterdam and our good contacts with shipping companies and customs clearance agents, your goods can be in our warehouse quickly. We choose the best construction for your LCL or FCL shipments, 20ft and 40 ft containers, and we make clear agreements with you about the possibilities and the course of action.

Import from Asia with dry box 40 ft containers


Most likely you are also looking for an International Distribution Center to to ship your goods through the whole of Europe. After your goods have arrived in our 13.000 m2 warehouse with 16 loadingdocks.  We can store, assemble, label, orderpick, pack and ship them. We can ship to private and business addresses. To private addresses it will be packages, to business addresses probably pallets. We do both B-to-C ánd B-to-B shipments, throughout the whole of Europe.

One belt, one road

China is currently investing a lot of financial resources in new plans to improve connections between Asian countries and Europe. You may already be familiar with the famous Silk Road, which has been around for some two thousand years. In 2013, the Chinese government announced plans to completely revamp and expand it. The project was named “One belt, one road“. Belt in this case stands for the land routes leading from China to Europe and the Middle East. Road in this case refers to the Maritime Silk Road that connects China with South and Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa. In short, three continents are involved in these plans, with two-thirds of the world’s total population.

Currently, though, a train already runs along this route, making it possible to send containers by rail with a transit time of 14 days. The further plans made within the “One belt, one road” initiative are going to take many more years, with talk of thirty to forty years. The goal is for all countries involved to benefit from even better connections.

Request a free quote for imports from Asia

Are you looking for a logistics service provider that fully handles imports from Asia to Europe? Then feel free to request a no-obligation quote from us. If you are looking for a solution for the very short term, it is best to contact us by phone at 0180-590072.

Kolibri Logistiek is at play in the field of logistics. And we play at Champions League level! We cover your supply chain from collecting your products at location of production up to the last mile to your customers. Request a quote!


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