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COI and TRACES Explanation

COI ( Certification of Inspection)for Organic Food Products COI and Traces, what is their relation? When it comes to organic products, certification of inspection is an important process that verifies and ensures that products labeled as “organic” meet the required organic standards. Organic certification involves thorough inspections of farms, production facilities, and processes to confirm… Read more »


NEW AT KOLIBRI: THE KOREAN GIANT SEMPIO Isn’t it nice to see that companies that have been around for a long time keep their finger on the pulse of time? That they continue to look ahead, innovate and occasionally present completely new contemporary products based on experience. South Korea’s Sempio is one such company. We… Read more »

Organic products: clarity with SKAL

The SKAL certificate: Clear and reliable about organic products The Dutch like to call a spade a spade. Not to beat about the bush, but to say clearly and straightforwardly what is meant. Not everyone likes that, but that’s not the point. The point is that not everyone is always open and clear. For example:… Read more »

Certificate of Inspection

Antoon Huntelerslag, Regulation and Control Specialist at Skal: “The importer must have the Certificate of Inspection in their possession at the time a delivery leaves” Skal is supervisor of the organic chain in the Netherlands. The Certificate of Inspection is a leading document. But Skal is also responsible for the trade in organic products between… Read more »

Fulfillment centre tailored to your needs

Outsourcing your distribution to a fulfillment centre As customer demands, increased freight charges, and urbanization continue to pose challenges to last-mile delivery. Therefore outsourcing to a modern distribution and fulfilment centre has become a top priority for retail companies. Besides, the companies outsource the efficient distribution to enable them to have lower inventories costs.  Also… Read more »