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European supply chain negatively impacted by coronavirus

Supply chains negatively but also positively affected Virtually all European producers, wholesalers and retailers are experiencing a clear impact of the corona pandemic on their supply chains. For 78 percent of them, the impact is negative in the short term, but for 17 percent it is positive. Only 5 percent say they are not affected…. Read more »

Are you prepared for the Brexit and its consequences?

The Brexit is now definitive. As it is still unsure whether it will be a ‘soft’ or a ‘hard’ Brexit, it is difficult to make clear preparations for your company (unique in its own way). Should you continue your rental agreement or should you invest (more) in local storage in the EU? Will the consequences… Read more »

Sell and distribute products online in the EU by registering your company

Are you the owner of a (small) online store or a (small) manufacturer of goods outside of the EU? Have you been thinking about selling your products inside the EU and are you looking for an international distribution center? Do you want to sell and distribute products online in the EU with as little hassle… Read more »