Client in Organic-food wants a good Warehouse Management System

Slendier enters into cooperation with Kolibri Logistics

Managing director and owner Erica Hughes of Slendier has chosen Kolibri Logistiek as logistics partner for the storage of the stock and the assembly/packing/processing of orders. A flawless Warehouse Management System was one requirement. She was looking for a one-stop-shop for their entire Supply Chain. René Gouw of Kolibri Logistiek says: “This means that we organise the sea freight from China, custom clear the containers in Rotterdam, arrange road transport from Italy and take care of the unloading and storage in the warehouse of Kolibri Logistiek in Rotterdam.”

Warehouse Management System

In addition, Slendier was looking for a flexible cooperation in order to be able to serve customers in Europe quickly. In order to do so she wants to make use of an automated logistics process. With Kolibri Logistics’ Warehouse Management System, Slendier has real-time insight into stocks with associated batch numbers and Best Before dates. Thanks to the link with our in house developed WMS, specific batches can also be forwarded, which the WMS then assigns to that specific order. In this way, in addition to the FIFO principle, the end customer’s wishes can also easily be realised. At the moment, orders of Slendier are already successfully processed with the WMS.

Assembly and packaging

In addition to the usual orders, Kolibri Logistics also takes care of the assembly and packaging of consumer meals. For this purpose, the Best Before dates must be printed on the Slendier unit packaging. Subsequently, the cartons must be filled with various pre-packaged meal components, originating from different locations worldwide. In this way, the entire Supply Chain is brought under the control of one and the same logistics service provider.

Slendier specialises in making gluten-free noodles, rice and pastas. These products are all made from a vegetable crop called Konjac, which has been eaten in Asian countries for centuries. Foods made from Konjac are high in fibre, low in calories and low in carbohydrates.



Warehouse Management Systeem

Team Slendier meets team Kolibri Logistiek


Kolibri Logistiek specialises in organic products, is SKAL-certified and has many years of experience in assisting customers in this specialist logistics process. In addition, the warehouse is near Rotterdam which is ‘The Gateway to Europe’. In order to facilitate the storage of all pallets, the warehouse has already been expanded by another 500 square metres. This expansion of the warehouse capacity provides enough space to store all of Slendier’s products and makes more space available for current and future customers.

Both parties rely on a successful cooperation.

This article was also published (in Dutch) in the  Biojournaal on 30-10-2019:

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