B2B and B2C distribution in Europe

B2B and B2C distribution by one and the same 3PL is rare. If you want to ship your products to retailers ánd to consumers in Europe than you need a 3PL that is capable to deliver to both channels. There are not many 3PL’s who are specialised in B2B and B2C distribution in Europe but Kolibri Logistics is one of them. Next to that we are also specialised in (organic) food products.

The whole Supply Chain

For most customers we cover their whole Supply Chain. So we start with collecting containers Ex works or FOB in Asia or America. With our vast network of agents we can collect goods all over the world. We monitor the transit times of the container(s) on the vessel(s). During the transit time we make sure we have all the relevant paperwork ready when the container arrives in the Port of Rotterdam. So we can custom clear the goods and arrange the release of the container a.s.a.p.

Handling in

From that point we can arrange transportation of the container to our warehouse. By that time you will have made a Purchase Order in the client portal of our WMS.

Purchase order

In Purchase orders you (and we!) can see an overview of goods that are expect to be coming in.

Our team will then check your products on arrival. If everything is o.k. (and 99% is always o.k.!) they will do the putaway from the inbound section into the palletracks.

Orderpicking of B2B and B2C orders

From the moment the handling in process is closed, you can shoot in your orders. (In fact you can shoot in your orders before that but as there will be no stock available these orders will get the status “Backorder”.) You might have orders for consumers and/or for retailers, so B2C and B2B. Our orderpickers will be assigned with your orders in their scanners and they will start orderpicking. All orders that have been picked go to the packing station. B2C orders will be packed as parcels and B2B orders will most likely be pallets but in some cases also as parcels.

B2B and B2C distribution

Packingstation at Kolibri Logistiek for B2C and B2B orders.

B2B and B2C distribution

Orders that are ready to ship will be separated; B2B shipments on pallets go to the shipping lanes at the outbound section of our warehouse. We have 12 loading docks for outbound. For B2C shipments, the parcels will be separated for each different carrier; DHL, GLS, DPD or Fedex or UPS for expedited shipments. All parcels will have T&T details which will be emailed to your clients. In your client portal you can follow all the statusses of your orders, from status ‘New’ up to status ‘shipped’.  With the T&T details you can follow the last mile of your products to your clients.
So our slogan is: We know ALL the ways, to get ALL your products, to ALL destinations in Europe!

Kolibri Logistiek is at play in the field of logistics. And we play at Champions League level! We cover your supply chain from collecting your products at location of production up to the last mile to your customers. Request a quote!

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