Cross-border e-commerce and logistics

Cross-border e-commerce: new opportunities?

Do you already sell across the border? Cross-border e-commerce is booming and very interesting to consider. Especially because DHL concluded that based on research it offers big opportunities for store owners. Those opportunities primarily lie in the growth of the international version. The report predicts that cross-border e-commerce will grow twice as much as domestic e-commerce. A growth that, according to the report, would result in an increase in revenue of 10 to 15%.

The main reasons the respondents in the survey gave for buying products in foreign webshops can roughly be divided into availability, offering and trust. For example, customers liked the fact that there is a better availability, a wider range and a better quality of products abroad. In short: it is definitely worth to consider entering the world of cross-border e-commerce, also because more and more purchases are made online.

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Logistic obstacles?

When you are going to sell your products to foreign customers, there will be a lot to take in consideration. Translating your website/webshop, creating new terms and conditions, applying different VAT rates, international marketing, etcetera. But how about the logistic aspects that you are facing with cross-border e-commerce?

Your (web)shop will have to work with foreign addresses. Also, it is wise to consider having a logistic partner with an increase in orders . As an international distribution center, Kolibri Logistics can arrange the international shipments. This way we take away all the hassle regarding the logistic process. Besides this we can relieve your webshop from the pressure that comes with the growth from cross-border e-commerce by webshop fulfillment. For example: it is possible to connect the stock management of your webshop to our Warehouse Management System. In that case you will not have to worry about the delivery process and you will not have any logistic obstacles.


Shipping costs and delivery time as challenges

Other things to keep in mind with cross-border e-commerce are the shipping costs and delivery time. Potential customers often look at the total price, in which shipping costs play an important role. Your product may be cheaper than abroad, but if the total price is still higher due to shipping costs, there is a big chance visitors won’t buy. Besides this, delivery time also plays a role in the decision to buy abroad. European webshops often don’t notify foreign visitors about a specific delivery time. Rather strange, since this builds trust and gives a certain assurance. Via Kolibri Logistics your shipping costs will stay low within and outside of Europe. You will also be assured of a delivery time, so that you can trustfully notify visitors about it in your webshop. Take a look at our benefits or request a quote.



In conclusion, it is important that you prepare well if you wanna start with cross-border e-commerce. Things like shipping costs and delivery time should not be underestimated. If you would like to discuss the possibilities, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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