Webshop fulfillment: what is it and what will it bring you?

Webshop fulfillment simply means handling orders from webshops. You can see it as the whole logistic process, that starts when someone places an order in a webshop. We are talking about storage, inventory control, assembling products before shipping, labeling them and much more. From the preparation of the products to the actual shipment: outsourcing webshop fulfillment saves smart entrepeneurs a lot of valuable time and financial resources. By working with a professional partner for webshop fulfillment, you can optimally continue to do what you/your company is good at: developing and selling your products. Thus, webshop fulfillment has nothing to do with marketing or sales, it purely is about handling orders that are being placed.

Webshop fulfillment from A to Z

webshop fulfillment helpt drukke ondernemersWith webshop fulfillment, the entire logistics process is being carried out for you. That includes the following services, which are tailored to the needs of your company:

Storage of goods. Renting a property for the storage of your goods is a considerable expense. Especially when you will not be able to make full use of all the space! With Kolibri Logistiek you only pay for the space that you use and also: you pay per week.

Labeling. Kolibri Logistiek gladly takes over this process for you. Usually the labeling of products takes place after the assembly process, so that the products leave the door the way they should. For example, we can also replace the labels if necessary or add bar codes and action labels. Outsourcing labeling is appealing for many entrepeneurs because it can save a lot of time.

Order picking. Putting together the right orders costs a lot of time in most cases. Besides, your storage space has to be designed as efficiently as possible, so that the orders can be prepared easily and quickly. Order picking is a necessary and mostly intensive task, that many entrepeneurs love to outsource to Kolibri Logistiek.

Packaging. Your product must not only be shipped properly protected, but a package also needs the right appearance. Of course the package is also co-determining the first impression that a consumer gets of your product.

Shipping. Fast shipping ensures more satisfied customers. Do you always want to live up to that expectation, no matter how busy it is? Then Kolibri Logistiek is happy to help you out.

Inventory control. Many webshop owners struggle with inventory management. The overview can easily be lost. When letting Kolibri Logistiek carry out the control of your inventory, you will never have to ask yourself if certain orders have been handled, and if deliveries have been added properly. We can also entirely carry out the handling of returns for you, as part of webshop fulfillment.

webshop fulfillment externe opslag

When should you choose for outsourcing?

Every webshop is different. Many comparisons have to be made to determine whether it is time to outsource the logistics. How many packages have to be packed and shipped? How many costs do you have when looking at the rent for your property that you simply use for storing your products? If you would like to cut on your costs and save, outsourcing webshop fulfillment is a pleasant option. Because saved costs can be different for each company, it is important that you carefully research how much you spend on the logistics process at this moment. When making the calculation, include the following costs:

  • Rent or mortgage of your property
  • Recruitment and selection of personnel (for example: placing vacancies)
  • The personnel (including employer’s contribution, social security contributions, holidays, days lost to sickness and secondary conditions)
  • The purchase of inventory, warehouse supplies, labeling machines, printers, etcetera)
  • Administration costs for the software that you use
  • The time that you yourself invest in logistic activities (shipping/getting packages out of the door etcetera)

When you add up these costs and divide them by the number of shipments, you have a realistic view of the price per shipment. This amount can then be compared to the price that a fulfillment company charges per shipment. Would you like to know how much it could cost when entirely leaving the handling to Kolibri Logistiek? Then try out our savings check right here on our website, online!

Kolibri Logistiek: your flexible partner

Logistics is a core activity, which you do not outsource ‘just anywhere’. It is important that you choose a partner that really cooperates, whether you ship two, ten or thousand packages a week. You can hand over the entire process to Kolibri Logistiek with confidence, even if you only ship one package per week. We embrace a personal approach and take care of your needs with the highest priority when designing the logistic process. Our service is affordable and efficient, without compromising on quality. Read more about the benefits of a cooperation with Kolibri Logistiek or request a free-of-charge quote immediately!

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