Healthcare logistics and reverse logistics

Healthcare logistics and reverse logistics.

Facility Portal facilitates the purchase of Health seekers, abbreviated GCA, healthcare logistics is of course a part herein.

GCA performs a medical function at the refugee centers in the Netherlands. All purchase orders are received by the Facility Portal that expands to the appropriate parties. Regularly there are closures and openings of locations instead. As a result, the medical articles of locking locations need to be stored for locations which are open.

At the end of 2011, in consultation with GCA, Facility Portal decided to outsource the logistics and reverse logistics in particular, by Kolibri Logistics. We are speaking about a large diversity of products. Imagine a doctor’s practice, from banking to medical treatment references. Because of Kolibri Logistics inventory, the stock became insightful. From these stocks are now the sites of GC A supplied. This leads to cost savings.

Healthcare Logistics is a separate branch of sport within the logistics. “We noticed that regular logistics service providers have difficulty there,” says Georgina Bos from Facility Portal. Especially because with us there is a matter of often reverse logistics, then some individual items with no barcode label come back. Then they could not identify the products. Kolibri Logistics can do, that was, and is a relief. Inventory is there one specialty.

Along with the survey came to GC A, also the insight into the turnover rates of certain medical products became visible. This proces is monitored now on the fast movers products to see if it is worth to buy in the future these fast movers in bulk and then distribute in small to the GC A locations. Next to this GCA may reflect on the articles that are currently in large numbers and avoid this by selling to third parties. Thus, the healthcare logistics for GC A will be optimized.

What customers say:

Georgina Bos consultant at Facility Portal: From Day 1 we had a good ‘click’ with Kolibri Logistics. It was a very energetic and professional proces. There had to to be made a stock inventory from scratch of many different articles. Rene Gouw of Kolibri Logistics succeeded in this quite quickly to make this into view.

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