3PL for organic food in Europe

A 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) provider for organic food in Europe would offer specialized logistics and supply chain services tailored to the unique requirements of organic food products. Here are some key considerations and services that Kolibri Logistics as a 3PL provider for organic food in Europe offer:

  1. Certification and Compliance: Organic food products must adhere to strict certification and compliance standards, such as those set by the European Union’s regulations for organic farming and processing. The 3PL provider should have expertise in handling and transporting organic goods while ensuring compliance with these regulations. Kolibri Logistics is certified by SKAL.
    3PL for organic food in Europe

    The Skal certificate for storing, (re) packaging and distributing of organic food products.


  2. Traceability and Transparency: Traceability is crucial in the organic food supply chain. The 3PL provider should have systems in place to track and trace organic products from their source to their final destination, allowing for transparency and accountability in the supply chain.
  3. Efficient Transportation: Organic food products may need to be transported across Europe or internationally. A 3PL provider should have a network of reliable carriers and transportation options to ensure the safe and timely delivery of organic goods, while also minimizing the carbon footprint where possible.  Kolibri Logistics works with all the main carriers in Europe; DHL, GLS, DPD and for expedited shipments with Fedex and UPS.
    International distribution center

    12 loadingdocks at the outbound section, 4 at the inbound section.


  4. Inventory Management: Effective inventory management is essential to prevent waste and ensure that organic food products are always available when needed. The 3PL provider should have systems in place for real-time inventory tracking and management. With our CloudWMS system you have realtime insight in the statusses of your orders and costs.
  5. Packaging Solutions: Packaging for organic food products should be eco-friendly and designed to maintain product integrity. The 3PL provider may offer sustainable packaging options and expertise in proper packaging techniques.

    packaging organic products

    Packaging of organic tea

  6. Order Fulfillment: Efficient order fulfillment and distribution are critical for meeting customer demand. The 3PL provider should have systems for order processing, picking, packing, and shipping, as well as the ability to handle various order sizes, including wholesale and retail orders.
    Kolibri Logistic can hanle both B2B ánd B2C shipments into the whole of Europe.
  7. Reverse Logistics: In the event of product returns or recalls, the 3PL provider should have a well-defined process for handling reverse logistics, ensuring that products are safely returned, inspected, and properly disposed of or reintroduced into the supply chain as appropriate.
  8. Value-Added Services: Some 3PL providers offer value-added services such as labeling, repackaging, and quality control inspections, which can be especially important in the organic food sector to maintain product quality and consistency.
  9. Sustainability Initiatives: Given the environmental consciousness of the organic food industry, a 3PL provider may also focus on sustainability initiatives, such as reducing emissions through optimized transportation routes and eco-friendly packaging solutions.
  10. When selecting a 3PL provider for organic food in Europe, it’s crucial to conduct due diligence, including checking their experience, certifications, and references within the industry. Additionally, ensure that the provider aligns with your values and sustainability goals to create a strong partnership for the distribution of organic food products in the European market. Kolibri Logistic is situated in the direct nearing of Rotterdam, The Gateway to Europe. Check us out and ask for references!

    Kolibri Logistiek is at play in the field of logistics. And we play at Champions League level! We cover your supply chain from collecting your products at location of production up to the last mile to your customers. Request a quote!

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